How We Got Started

It all started a long, long time a go in a galaxy far, far away.. ( Roswell, NM ). My mother had always told me never to play with snakes, I did !! Fast forward several years later when some pushy salesman at our local Petco stood on my neck & forced me to buy my 1st Ball Python. I was hooked !! I quickly discovered the wonderful ( and expensive ) world of morph's and spent $900.00 on my first Male Pastel . Wow how prices have dropped. I have been building and slowly working on a first class collection of designer Ball Pythons ever since. I was then recruited by a Man in Black, representing certain top secret Reptilian hybrid projects to Design & breed the ultimate Python Regius Morph's.

  I was taken by force to a top secret classified underground Military facility here in New Mexico and forced at gun point to divulge the intricate secrets of Ball Python breeding to men who were involved in a certain Human / Alien Hybrid program. I only gave them the barest of info & constantly tried to resist their MK Ultra-ish mind control program. I was eventually able to escape and make my way home, where I applied their advanced technological reptilian breeding protocol into my Ball Python program.

  In the next few years I will have on display for all mankind to see the fruits of my labors................

So in a nutshell, I dig the hell out of Ball Pythons, and I never seem to get enough of them. I look forward to providing people the absolute highest quality Ball Pythons anywhere. I realize that there are bigger breeders out there, but you will never find one who is more committed to their hobby and their customers than me. I look forward to working with all of you and to making some of the highest quality, most cosmically perfect Ball Pythons that this planet has ever seen. Enjoy your hobby, and follow your Dreams................because that is what really matters folks.

  If I should go missing in the near future please realize that I have been re-captured and will be working frantically for my CIA Masters to create the ultimate Reptile species that the planet Earth has ever seen.

Isn't living in Roswell fun?   Mike.